The Zerona laser treatment itself is a treatment that a person generally does not feel at all, so they have a bit of time to relax, 20 minutes on their back and then 20 minutes on their stomach, while the laser continually fans in a circular pattern over the torso and thighs, Kallenbach said.

“The Zerona laser treatments are completely painless – you cannot feel anything,” Dr. Jordan said.

Shanks agreed, “Most people feel very little to nothing at all during the treatments. They are completely pain-free.”

At Yamamoto’s practice, “we place the 6 heads of the laser over the areas of concern. The person is face up for 20 minutes, face down for 20 minutes, and then 10 minutes on a vibrating platform, which is equal to 30 minutes walking.”

Yamamoto agreed that Zerona laser treatments feel like “nothing,” further adding that in his experience, the only people that feel the laser on their skin have active shingles.

Norbu Agency