Destroy fat and lose inches, all in 28 minutes. During a Cryoskin slimming treatment the skin is warmed then rapidly cooled. Results are immediate but we recommend 5-8 sessions for the best results.

Cryoskin works by using sub-zero temperatures to destroy body fat. We use this science to provide slimming, cellulite and facial treatments with incredible results.

Some fat loss and cellulite treatments can actually damage your skin. Where’s the sense in that? Cryoskin is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. That’s why your Cryoskin sessions will be every week, to ensure your body’s lymphatic system has time to recover leaving you to look and feel amazing.

The Peltier Effect.

The peltier effect gives Cryoskin precise temperature control creating the perfect conditions to reduce fat without damaging surrounding tissue. When compared to other fat loss alternatives, it’s much less scary.




8 Session Package (28 minutes each) $2495

1 - Per Session (only available after initial 8 sessions) $350


Is it safe?

The device is very safe. In terms of programming and electronics, it is managed by a computerized Windows system. The cooling system is controlled by an electronic temperature sensor located in the processing head of the device and the temperature is controlled in real time by the machine and figures displayed on the screen. The Cryoskin 2.0 was launched 6 years ago and is used throughout France.

How Does it work?

The treatment lasts for 28 minutes and is done manually through a massage technique. The session begins with 2 minutes of heat and then a decrease in temperature to -8 degrees for the duration of the session. The purpose of the treatment is to lower the temperature of the fat cells enough to reduce fat without harming surrounding tissue. Read more about the science behind it here.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are measurable fat loss and improved skin appearance. As with most techniques, the results vary from one individual to another, however 78% of our customers rate the service as good or excellent. The expected effect is usually rapid, results should be visible immediately and many people continue to see improvements over a 2 to 3 week period.

How Does it feel?

The treatment is painless, with some clients describing it as rather pleasant. This is due to the massage technique and the session beginning with skin warming descending into the gradual decrease of temperature.

Who would benefit from CryoSlimming?

Anyone who is looking to lose weight or has stubborn areas of fat they are looking to remove.

How long does a CryoSlimming Session Last?

CryoSlimming usually lasts 28 minutes depending on the treatment, some settings last up to 40 minutes. CryoToning usually lasts 20 minutes.

Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?

Like any external treatment, this is not advisable on areas such as the tummy, breasts or even the hips. The safest option is to abstain from treatments altogether.

Who should not have treatments?

Anyone with the conditions below should not do this treatment:

  • Severe Raynaud’s syndrome
  • People who suffer from very poor circulation
  • Pregnant women
  • Severe diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • People who have had Botox or Fillers in the last month - This relates to CryoToning on the face only
    How effective is CryoSlimming?

78% of our customers think the results are good or excellent.

How many areas can I have done at 1 time?

1 major area (e.g. Abdomen or The Legs) is the maximum in a singleday to avoid overloading the body’s pathways.

What should I bring?

You do not need to bring anything, we provide you with everything you need.

Can I workout before/after my workouts?

Absolutely there are no side effects to this treatment that will stop you working out.

How quickly will I see results?

The first results are generally visible from the first session and often very encouraging. However, it should be noted that the best results appear from 15 days to 3 weeks after the start of treatment and extend for several months after the end of treatment.

How long will the results last?

Depending on the individual and depending also on their lifestyle and diet, the results last several months or several years. It is advisable to practice 2 or 3 sessions 6 months after the end of treatment to maintain results.

Click to read real reviews from Trust Pilot about Cryoslimming

Click to read real reviews from Trust Pilot about Cryoslimming

I have recently taken the plunge and began enhancing my face with dermal fillers and Botox. I figured that I am now 56, never thought I really needed anything but started a bit at a time – never thought that I could get major results without surgery – and then I met Danielle – her results with my face are the results I never thought I could get – I look 20 years younger / her work is impeccable and the results speak for themselves – also her work is stellar – she checks up to inspect the process and make sure everything is healing nicely – I would highly recommend her.
— Robyn Curia