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BeAgeless™ offers injectable testosterone cypionate, a prescription grade testosterone.

There are three main medications for testosterone treatment

  1. Testosterone is used to increase and optimize hormone levels. The dosage varies and is determined by the prescribing physician. A patient’s medical history, lab results and physical are all factored in during diagnosis.

  2. HCG is used to prevent testicular shrinkage and maintain the natural production of the hormone in the testes.

  3. An Estrogen Blocker is used to control the levels of estrogen in men’s bodies.

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HRT Initial and Follow-Up Office Visits - $255

  • Consult

  • History

  • Physical

  • Blood Draw when appropriate (Blood Panel and Full Hormone)

Monthly Cost

  • In - Office Plan $395 / month*

  • At-Home Plan $225 / month*

    *(In-Office Plan patient will receive injectables and weekly treatments, At-Home patients will administer injectables and weekly treatments at home)

  • Medications will be billed to patient DIRECTLY from Pharmacy


  • Initial Follow up with MD

  • Lab Reviews (Initial Visit, 30 day, 90 Day, 6 month, 12 Month)

  • Nurse Visits (Initial Visit, 30 day, 90 Day, 6 month, 12 Month)

  • Re-exam every 6 Months

  • Testosterone Injection

  • HCG

  • Estrogen blocker

  • Supplies (Needles, Sharps Container)

We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions that BeAgless™ receives about HRT Injections

What Do HRT Injections Help With?

The scientifically proven benefits of testosterone include: increased lean muscle, decreased body fat, better sleeping, better mood, increase sex drive, and improved erectile performance. In addition to hormone optimization, BeAgeless™ recommends routine exercise and a sensible, plant-based diet for optimal results.

What are HRT Injections?

Testosterone is a steroid. There are many naturally occurring steroids in the body including cortisol, estrogen, and testosterone. The term steroid simply refers to the presence of a particular 4-ringed chemical structure.

What are the benefits?

The scientifically proven benefits of testosterone include: increased lean muscle, decreased body fat, better sleeping, better mood, increase sex drive, and improved erectile performance.

Would being on T-Therapy make my body stop producing natural testosterone?

The hypothalamus and pituitary detect the presence of testosterone and regulate production in the body. When levels of testosterone are properly regulated, natural production does diminish within the body because optimum levels are achieved. When testosterone levels fall due to therapy interruptions, the hypothalamus and pituitary detect the drop and resume the chemical signaling that results in the natural production of testosterone. However, for a man who has Low-T, the body either transmits inadequate signals to produce sufficient testosterone naturally, or the body cannot respond appropriately to the signals to produce sufficient testosterone. Therefore, patients who have Low-T and discontinue therapy will most likely return to their natural baseline production, but their baseline level is, in effect, inadequate. At OVME, we utilize HCG to assist the body in naturally producing T while on a therapy regimen.

How oftern will I receive injections?

Proper injections occur every 7-8 days, depending on your need. Testosterone injections only last for 7-8 days in your body so it’s important to stay regular to avoid peaks and valleys in how you feel.

Will my body become reliant on these shots? Will I have to stay on them forever?

Properly managed testosterone therapy does not result in long-term “dependence” and patients who stop therapy will return to their baseline over a period of weeks to months.

Can you just write me a prescription?

The TEAM at BeAgeless™ comprised of MDs and nurses have adopted the policy of not writing prescriptions for testosterone. BeAgeless™ believes testosterone administration is much safer when given in appropriate doses and intervals and when there is proper medical oversight. Although testosterone therapy is a well established medical practice it can be harmful if administered incorrectly. BeAgeless™ TRT program reduces negative outcomes by properly monitoring the treatment.