“Do it for Yourself, you will be happy you did”

Medical Weight Loss

Do you know the Top 7 Reasons People want to Lose Weight Quickly?

  1. They just want to fit into their clothes again, the way they did before having kids, or while they were in college, or high school. Everyone does!

  2. They’re prepping for a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding, or birthday. It’s true “pictures last forever!”

  3. They’re pre-diabetic and they know it isn’t too late to make healthy changes.  If you’re like this, our program is for you.

  4. They simply want to feel more comfortable in their own skin, not be afraid of the grocery store scale, and travel more comfortably.

  5. They’ve been asked to lose weight before a surgery (such as knee replacement or hip surgery).

  6. Their doctor recommends they get weight loss surgery and they have to be ready for or even possibly prevent surgery.  You have options we can discuss.

  7. They want to look more appealing and command more respect from others (especially a spouse or loved one).

Whatever the reason you yourself might have, we respect your privacy and you’ll find we’ll work with you to achieve your goal starting from your very first visit!

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Physician Supervised Weight Loss

Get professional help for stubborn weight problems.

  • Increase your energy.

  • Drop dress and pant sizes quickly.

  • Look great at family events and in pictures.

Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:  

  1. Has anyone analyzed your hormone levels, inflammation levels, food allergies, or other medical conditions to see what may be contributing to weight gain and how you feel?  

  2. Have you ever talked to someone that you can share your true feelings with, that wants to understand you deeply, and that works with you step-by-step to answer your questions and arm you with a proven process to reach your goals?

  3. Have you ever had a true medical assessment for the factors that contribute to weight gain and weight loss?  

Many of Our Patients Have Been Nervous About Losing Weight and of What Their Friends and Family Would Think if They Found Out…


We understand! Your Friends Will Never Guess How You Lost the Weight! Our program is 100% private (unless YOU want to share it).  We only hire staff who are warm, welcoming, and that are part of your personal success team.

You won’t feel judged and our staff members guide you with gentile pushes of encouragement.

Week didn’t go so great? Please don’t worry about it. We’re all human…

MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS PRICING - $395 USD Monthly (3, 6, and 9 month treatment options)

First Office Visit:  

initial consultation with medical professional which will include:

  1. body measurements

  2. history and physical / vital signs

  3. blood work including basic panel and chemistry, hormones profile, and any other labs that may affect your weight and health

  4. nutrition consultation, for insight into your daily eating habits

Second Office visit:

Physician consultation to include:

  1. nutritional plan discussed

  2. labs reviewed

  3. all applicable prescriptions and supplements given

  4. lipotropic shot administered

 Standard Monthly monitoring

Nurse Check-up Visit

  1. vitals

  2. cardiac check

  3. body measurements

  4. monthly weigh-in

  5. lipotropic shot

MD Visit

  1. review of vitals and progress

  2. new script

Weekly maintenance visit: (optional)

  1. for lipotropic injections weekly and to track your progress and take measurements measurements -

    (additional $100 a month)